Free scripts

Here are some free scripts we developed.
These scripts will work in any daw (Sonar, reaper and vstHost have been tested)

Sfz Access

Here's a little script for the sfz player by rgc audio software that ships with CakeWalk Sonar, but also available for free on the net to be used in any daw.
This script allows you to access each of the controls of the interface like loading an sfz file or changing its midi channel.
In the zip file, you will find a readme document with the available commands.

Download now

Poise Access

A drum sampling software by One Small Clue
This script allows you to access the load kit menu, Switch to the available 16 pads, perform a left or right click on each of them and access the options

Download now

Sforzando Access

Another sfz player by Plogue
This script allows you to access the instrument menu, the context menu for changing the Polyphony and the Snapshot menu. This script also works with latest version of the plug-in

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Komplete Access

Little script to use the Komplete Kontrol software by native instrument.
This script allows you to access the open sound menu and Loading previous or next patch. We're also building .nksf files for some plug-ins which will soon be available.

Download now