DimPro access

"Dimension Pro is the critically acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis giving you endless sound possibilities. The immense sound library DVD included with Dimension Pro makes it the ideal go-to instrument for musicians, while its deep editing and sound design capabilities have a natural appeal to sound designers."
The script works starting from version 1.2. The available version has been tested on reaper, Sonar and vstHost. The script will cost $55. Before purchasing it's highly recommended to Download the demo version and test it.

What can you do with this script?
The full version of the script will allow you to access the load menu and the program browser. You can also access all of the controls available on the interface, like the knobs which control the effect parameters. You'll also have a menu that will allow you to load up to four elements, that can either be sfz, wav files, or loops.
Included in the full script, there's a detailed documentation on how to run it properly, the available commands and options.

Download the demo
This demo version is only for testing purposes and does not include all the features of the full script. Included in the zip file, you will find a readme document with the available commands.
Before purchasing, test the demo and don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or problems you are running into.