Here are some little utilities designed to speed up your workflow.
They're mainly developed for Reaper.

App Key remapper

This little program is for the people who don't have an applications key on their laptops.

How to use:

Download the program to your computer
Run it and press a key. The key you chose will become your new applications key and will function as the apps key until the script gets closed from the system tray.
To close it, go to the system tray and find the AppsKey icon; activate it by simulating a right click and hit exit.
Not all keys can be mapped in fact, you can't use the alt, control or windows key; a good solution would be to map one of the function keys. For Reaper F10 may be used.
An .ini file will be created at launch and it has to remain in the script's folder.

Download the script

Midi event list reader

This Utility is mainly for NVDA users.
In reaper, when in the midi editor, it's possible to navigate the midi events by going into the event list window (Alt+3). Each event has several parameters like position, type or length. Each of them is represented in a column. With NVDA it's not possible to read the individual columns. With this little tool you'll be able to read them by using the Control Key and the numbers 1 through 6 of the number row.

Download the script