Serum Acces

Serum by Xfer Records is a synthesizer that operates through wavetables, and provides an editor that allows you to create your own waveforms through various methods. its 'ultra clean' oscillators, for example, are free of any audible artifacts, and its 'drag and drop' modulation system is very intuitive and practical.
Other powerful options include visual manipulation of wavetables in real time, a considerable choice of filter types, a versatile rack for effects processing, and "advanced Unison", an interpretive mode capable of working with an oscillator which can be stacked to use up to 16 voices to get very massive sounds.

The script has been tested and works up to version 1.30b6. The available version will work in any daw and under any windows operating system. The script will cost $45. Before purchasing it's highly recommended to download the demo version and test it."

What can you do with this script?
The full version of the script will allow you to:

  • Load presets in its proprietary format
  • Access the main menu which, among other things, allows you to load presets in the .fxp format and loading and saving midi maps
  • Access all controls of the Global tab (eg. settings and Unison)
  • Access all controls of the Oscillator tab (eg. Oscillators and filter)
  • In the Oscillator tab you can toggle the four oscillators and the filter with a single hotkey
  • In the 2 tabs as you navigate among the controls you will hear their type
  • For each type of control you can perform several actions: open the context menu, and interact with knobs, either by dragging them or by writing their value

Included in the full script, there's a detailed documentation on how to run it properly, the available commands and options.

Download the demo

This demo version is only for testing purposes and does not include all the functions of the full script. Included in the zip file, you will find a readme document with the available commands.
Before purchasing, test the demo and don't hesitate to contact usfor any questions or problems you are running into.