Addictive Drums Access

Addictive Drums™ is one of the most powerful and popular drum softwares in the world and can be heard on countless hit songs and albums. The unique architecture, fast loading times and flexibility makes it the first choice for many musicians and music producers. Three pristine drum kits, 100+ producer presets and thousands of MIDI rhythms are included.

The script works only in Addictive drums 1 up to version 1.5.7. The available version has been tested in Reaper, Sonar and VstHost. The script will cost $35. Before purchasing it's highly recommended to download the demo version and test it."

What can you do with this script?
The full version of the script will allow you to access the kit menu and access all of the 12 kit pieces available in the currently loaded. You can also audition every piece, route their correspondent output and assign a different sample included in Addictive to it.
You can also access the map menu and change the midi map.
Included in the full script, there's a detailed documentation on how to run it properly, the available commands and options.

Download the demo

This demo version is only for testing purposes and does not include all the functions of the full script. Included in the zip file, you will find a readme document with the available commands.
Before purchasing, test the demo and don't hesitate to contact us for any questions or problems you are running into.