Superior Access

"Superior Drummer is the undisputed industry standard, award-winning and complete drum production studio that gives you, the user, full creative control to hone, mold and shape the drum sound of your wildest dreams."

The script works only in Superior drummer up to version 2.4.1. The available version will work in any daw and under any windows operating system. The script will cost $55. Before purchasing it's highly recommended to download the demo version and test it."

What can you do with this script?
The full version of the script will allow you to:

  • Load and save presets and projects
  • Add path to libraries
  • Edit the various parts of a kit like solo, mute, volume and remap its note
  • Edit any microphone settings
  • Access the voice and layer settings
  • Access various effects like pitch and humanize
  • Access the "x drum" that allows to create your own custom drum kit
  • Access and change any envelope parameter
  • Access the mixer with the ability to navigate channel preset, buss send, Fade and pan, Mute, solo, phase, volume, output and label
  • Access the midi map and the midi menu
  • Access all the controlss in the bounce window
  • Access the settings tab where you can find the "add path to library" button and set the "classic view"
  • Ability to autorize libraries (Coming soon)

Included in the full script, there's a detailed documentation on how to run it properly, the available commands and options.

Download the demo

This demo version is only for testing purposes and does not include all the functions of the full script. Included in the zip file, you will find a readme document with the available commands.
Before purchasing, test the demo and don't hesitate to contact usfor any questions or problems you are running into.